September 2022 | Society For Psychophysiological Research

The lab attended the 2022 annual meeting of the Society For Psychophysiological Research (SPR), which took place Sept 28-Oct 2 in Vancouver, BC, Canada

(1) Cofresi, Morales, Piasecki & Bartholow, Time Frequency Power and Phase Synchrony Signatures of Alcohol Cue Reactivity Among Emerging Adult Alcohol Users

(2) Brancaleone, Cofresi, Ito, Bartholow, Conflict, Motivation and the Adjustment of Race-biased Responding

(3) Dr. Cofresi gave a talk at the “From Bench To Bedside: Advancements In Quantifying And Modulating Neural Circuit Disfunction In Substance Use Disorders” symposium. The title of his talk was Alcohol beverage cues serve as “rewards” in humans: preliminary studies of individual differences.

It was also a special treat to attend the Presidential Address given by Dr. Bruce Bartholow, Roberto’s former postdoc adviser and forever mentor.